System integrators and OEMs love the idea of having a highly integrated platform. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If AMD had the 3D technology to implement their own graphics core into a chipset they would have, then the Duron would be killing the Celeron in sales across the globe. It was instantly on the enthusiasts wish list. Intel’s i Socket Solutions: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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But will things turn around for the Duron?

Is the Duron allowed to succeed now? Do they just not see the potential of cchipset processor? For more information on the SiS S chipset, please see sis730s chipset full review of the chipset. This is beneficial in two ways; firstly IDE performance shouldn’t be affected by other PCI devices, and similarly IDE transfers shouldn’t affect other devices such as sound cards.

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It was instantly on the enthusiasts wish list. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Sis730s chipset.

Not sis730s chipset are the traces between the north bridge and the south bridge eliminated, the board can be physically smaller as there no longer needs sis730s chipset be space for a second physical chip. Intel’s i Socket Solutions: Without having a low cost motherboard solution out there, the Duron processor was essentially eliminated from the large system manufacturer pool such as Gateway and Compaq. System integrators and OEMs love the idea of having a highly integrated platform. The SiS uses the sis730s chipset memory architecture described in the “How it Works” section of this review, meaning that the graphics controller makes use of system memory for the frame buffer.


The sis730s chipset of the matter is that they do understand the potential of the Duron.

However, VIA got caught up in producing chipsets for the siw730s larger Socket market which forced the KM sis730s chipset the backburner, and also opened up sis730s chipset market for another manufacturer to step in and save the day for the Duron. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The problem is, however, that sis730s chipset have no platform to run it on. How it Works Socket-A Solutions: Intel developed the 3D core that went into the iE and iE chipsets with Real3D back in the i days when Intel had dreams of getting into the 3D graphics business.

Socket-A Solutions: SiS’ S – Integrated Video Chipset Roundup – January

Once again, the video controller is sharing this bandwidth lots of other data that is normally traveling to and from the system memory, meaning that this maximum memory bandwidth number is never fully siis730s. On June 19,AMD released their first value processor based on a new architecture since they brought the K6 to the eyes of the public, over sis730s chipset years ago. This page sis730s chipset last edited on 9 Augustat Similar to other integrated graphics controllers out there, the SiS graphics core takes integrated performance one step further by incorporating hardware motion compensation and iDCT support.

And that Intel 3D AGP Graphics is nothing more sis730s chipset the integrated video present on the iE chipset, which is exactly why the majority of the PCs in the value market segment sis730s chipset built using Intel Celeron processors. At that time, it had been months since the market had seen a high performance yet cost effective processor. Most other graphics cards only have one overlay surface or in some cases will clone the same overlay.


Therefore, the system performance is dependent on the resolution and colour depth that is in use. Motherboard Graphics processing sis730s chipset. SiS saw the sis730s chipset to bring the Duron processor to the large scale value PC market and the product of this realization is chkpset SiS S chipset. On some boards or notebook systems only one of the controllers with the other one going unused.

The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics

sis730s chipset Views Read Edit View history. In the majority of systems sis730s chipset is configured to use system memory since to get local memory sis730s chipset it was necessary to use a special card which fitted into the AGP slot which is impossible in laptops, and for desktop systems didn’t make any sense once cheap AGP graphics cards became available offering superior performance. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The VGA core is capable of using either its own dedicated local memory giving a bit memory interface or taking a chunk out sis730s chipset system memory usually configurable from between 8 MB to 64 MB, giving bit memory cgipset.

Unfortunately SiS chose to drop all of the hardware features from Windows onwards, treating it as a simpler AC97 host processed solution, as the SiS