My Mk6 is incredibly fun. As a brand new vehicle, it was rattly, and annoyingly loud as far as NVH, and wind noise were concerned. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! There are a few things I would like to clear up in regards to the MS3. My Grey ’08 no hood scoop doesn’t attract much attention, so no tickets so far. Intake, rear motor mount, shifter bushings and a race pipe. A stock speed3 has as much whp as a stage 2 GTI.

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Braking was MUCH worse, as was accelleration. Do you want to mazdaspeed 3 daily able to go around corners in an ass-out fashion and only have one really good friend? The engine in this car is amazing. Daily driver tires By sammm in forum Parts mazdaspeed 3 daily Parts.

They knew they could win. Not that it matters because a wagon and a 2 seater coupe are different enough that most people won’t cross shop them.

mazdaspeed 3 daily This car has me smiling everytime I get behind the wheel. My primary intention is to make my car run better more efficiently, colder and get rid of some gear shifting problems 3rd to 4theliminate or diminish the wheel hop on hard take-offs, weird engine noise after in mazdaspeed 3 daily driving at reasonable speeds though, the avg speed is 15 up to 19mphand a secondary goal is to also gain a few torques and eventually top rev band bhp.

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They did in not sure if they still do but it was a very affordable payment.

Well I checked mazdaspeed 3 daily numbers and you are correct. But the interior is just friggin’ lovely. I just drank a cup of high test coffee and well…. Fast and fun to drive. It doesn’t have the drama of a speed3 or focus st and it’s not quite as raily and sharp as my Fiesta ST.

Only true downside is that its not all wheel drive. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Mods advice needed for a daily driven MS3 – Mazdaspeed Forums

mazdaspeed 3 daily A lot has been said about the wheels on this car. Will also delete on comment score of -1 or less.

It is however, far and away the quickest of these cars in stock form. I would make such a substitution on my own Mazda 3, but the stock wheels are too narrow to fit mm tires.

Sits four adults comfortable. Welcome to Mazdaspeed Forums. I wanted to feel like I was being slammed mazdaspeed 3 daily the seat. The 1st gen one is so much better looking. This is, in fact, an incredible dily. Meeting the 3 right there… weird.

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mazdaspeed 3 daily How much does a Mazdaspeex weigh though? The interior is a little over the top in the way of looking like a 5 year old created it. Aside from the torque steer, the handling is amazing. If you want quick mazdaspeed 3 daily easy I would suggest you just get a forged build from one of the vendors on here.

Unless you’re getting a Mazda speed 3, skip it. The FST is in the middle between the two, but much more refined. Built block for dailyy driving.


Welcome to Mazdaspeeed Forums. I managed to fit an entire drumkit in my Mazda3 no speed, but it’s the same with the rear bench down.

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