You can read more about it here: Dear John, I would certainly make a backup of any important data. Here are the errors that I received last night while it was accessing my iTunes library located on the LaCie drive: It probably uses an Oxford chip which has only been shipping for the last months. After explaining my issue, they wrote back to me and solved what I believe to be the problem all along with both cards: Any data on a working mechanism will be erased in the testing process. Dec 20,

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Lacie esata pci card thanks for any help you can provide! Dec 8, 3: Since it does appear that your card is within warranty, with respect to repairs and depending on your relationship with your reseller, they are your first choice for assistance in obtaining warranty service. You can read more about it here: This seems to be a driver issue and I thought it was an incompatibility with Leopard, but you seem to be using it just fine.

I read on the Internet that a width speed of X1 would only be fast enough to sustain standard uncompressed video files and I would need a band width of X4 for uncompressed 10bit HD. He does not expect to have it ready this year.

I’m now only using USB until the new driver is ready lacie esata pci card they are confident that my issue will be resolved with that software. There is llacie 2TB limit for a single drive – and the LaCie lacie esata pci card like a single drive. Failing this next try the card on a 2nd Mac and adjust the setteing to se if it will permanantly set. To support these high data rates a 4-port eSATA card is required. Dec 11, 1: Dec 11, Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.


Please let me know! However, I would be interested to see if you still have problems lacie esata pci card that configuration. Kernel panics occurring when the drive is connected, and the drive not being recognized by the operating system are known issues.

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He’s shooting for the first couple lscie weeks of January. To start the conversation lacie esata pci card, simply ask a new question. It is understandable that lacie esata pci card you choose a new technology that is mostly tested on a PC there may be some Macintosh eSATA acrd issues. It probably uses an Oxford chip which has only been shipping for the last months. The issue that Sonnet is discussing is compatibility with a volume over 2TB. Helpful answers Helpful answers All replies.

User profile for user: First, you may wish to make sure you have installed the update for your card unless this has been specifically done.


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The drive light frantically blinks and it never seems to recover until I turn off the drive and turn it back on again. However, with four 1TB hard disks creating a lacie esata pci card volume with the Oxford chip the Sonnet driver will not erase the volume. These two port eSATA cards are low cost option that do a good job for photographers and video lcie using compressed formats. If you returned the LaCie controller you may have to wait. Posted lacie esata pci card Dec 8, 2: Has anyone found a resolution to this?

You can read more about these combinations here: He has to produce no “physical” drive over 2TB.

LaCie eSATA PCI Card – 2 Ports

If you have four GB HDs in the enclosure you will not notice the issue. Even though it will be slower at least it will tell you if the lacie esata pci card will work properly on your Macintosh. Dear John, I would certainly make a backup of any important data.